Friday, December 25, 2015

MERRY CHRISTMAS, READERS! Here's a present from me to you.

Hello Everyone.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays and salutations.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. I've just come back from a prolonged trip to Japan. It's inspired me to get writing more.

They don't celebrate Thanksgiving there for obvious reasons so I had no sense of it when I was there. But Christmas promotions are out in full force in Japan, let me tell you.

In fact, it's filled me with holiday spirit, and thus, I present this to you, an after Christmas sale.

From December 26th to December 30th, the digital version of my book, Autonomously Yours: The Life of a Compandroid, is absolutely FREE!

Please grab yourself a copy, because hey, it's Christmas, and more importantly, it's FREE! And as always, The Death of Death is also still very much FREE. So, have yourself a Merry Christmas and do some reading.

I thank you for your readership, and enjoy the rest of your vacations.



In the future, robots are part of our daily lives. They serve and protect us, they watch our families and keep them safe, they treat us when we’re hurt, and they take our orders when we're hungry. There is, though, one untapped market… 

Meet Sally. A fully-functioning-female-human-imitation-android, created as a companion for the lonely men of the world, the first of its kind. But, there are problems for her creator. 

Robotics engineer Dr. Harold Okamura is finally given an opportunity by Mr. Jerrald Axell, the CEO of a company with dubious intentions, to realize a lifelong ambition: to create a robot that is indistinguishable from a human being. The problem is doing so breaks the first law of modern robotics, an offense punishable by imprisonment. Good thing for Harold, then, Mr. Axell is powerful enough to skirt such laws. But that’s not the only problem on the horizon. In fact, it’s the least of Dr. Okamura’s troubles. 

Before Sally can be brought to market, she has to go through a trial period. Dr. Okamura and his faithful android servant, Cran, monitor Sally as she is tested by three clients––all men of very questionable motives. 

From the author of The Death of Death comes a more mature, technological tale. 
Autonomously Yours is a story of relationships, emotions and tragedy, as told, literally, through the eyes of the world’s first Compandroid. 

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