Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Death of Death finally available for the Nook

Well, it's taken a while (and by while I mean a whole month, wow), but The Death of Death is finally available for the Nook.

Despite its acceptance into's premium catalog, which is suppose to fast track your book into every major retailer of ebooks (except Amazon due to details they are currently working out with one another, supposedly), it never showed up on the Barnes & Noble's site.

So, I finally took liberties and uploaded it directly to Barnes & Noble's site myself and now, it's finally available there.

So, if you own a Nook, have at it. And it's cheap, at 99¢. So what do you have? You know, except a measly 99¢.

If you enjoy the works of Tim Burton and/or Neil Gaiman, this is neither, but it may very well resemble both.

Here are the links:

The Death of Death for the Nook 

The Death of Death for the Kindle 

The Death of Death on Smashwords

The Death of Death on Kobo

The Death of Death for the Kindle UK

It's also available through iBooks if you just do a search for K. N. Parker.

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