Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Giacchino scored Star Wars perhaps...?


Ok, now I believe it. J.J. Abrams is now the most powerful man in the geek universe, as he is now in control of the two "Star" franchises. I've also just realized that, if for any reason John Williams doesn't return, there is potential for a Michael Giacchino scored Star Wars! I've always thought of Giacchino as, not the next Williams, but as someone whose style is the most reminiscent of Williams out of all of the new generation of composers.

I for one enjoyed the new Star Trek, and with the man responsible for the script for the wonderful Toy Story 3, Michael Ardnt, along with the high probability that Giacchino might be along for the ride, I am quite excited for the new Star Wars and 2015 cannot come fast enough. 

Also, there are still copies of this around because, you know, it's digital and presumably there will be copied of it around, you know, forever.

Here's the UK link as well: The Death of Death UK

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