Saturday, February 9, 2013

An excerpt from The Death of Death

Here is an excerpt from The Death of Death.

It's from a character that has been, throughout the years, incorrectly referred to as the one and only Death, and this is the story of how he came to be known.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

"Once upon a lifetime, of whose I will not say, but it may very well be my own,
I did a fair bit of ferrying and I did it all alone.
And one day, I came across a farmer, very old yet still very able,
As he worked with a scythe in his hands on a field of crops of some unknown staple.
And he saw me and welcomed me with open arms and he asked, ‘Is it my time?’
And I answered truthfully, as I always do, ‘Yes, I am afraid it is. You are well past your prime.’
And ready was he, but before he perished wanted to have one last conversation,
So he asked me to listen, and listen I did, without hesitation.
And he told me of his family, the members of which had passed well before him and whom he loved a lot, And he told me of all his dreams and all his nightmares, and which of which came true and which did not.
He told me his beliefs and some were silly and some weren’t quite, But a silly one was one of a dragon he had seen that he thought was an exquisite sight.
We had spoken for hours and with no one around to grieve,
He exclaimed to me that he was now quite ready to leave.
And as he lay down he confessed to me of his dying wish, to die with his trusty scythe at his side, And he folded his arms with a final breath and he closed his eyes and died.
And as per the farmer’s last wish, I picked up his tool,
But before I could lay it down beside him another came and screamed at the sight of me, he screamed like a fool.
And so, with tool in hand, I made a hasty retreat,
And now I am forever known as the terrifying skeleton in a hood with a scythe, and with that, my story is complete."

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