Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy New Year! And with the new year comes a new cover!

Hello everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2017!
It's been a while. How've you been? Good? I'm glad to hear that.
I've been away for little other reason other than perhaps laziness. But I want to write more blogs in the new year. I'm not a 'resolution' person, per se, but that's the closest thing to a resolution I have for myself for this year. That, and read much more.

Anyway, I haven't been entirely happy with the cover for my book, AUTONOMOUSLY YOURS. I like the concept a lot, but there was something about the placement of the original text, the font and other aspects of it that wasn't quite right to me. Here are the previous two versions of the cover below.

But, I think I've finally settled on a final cover for it, finally. At least until someone comes along and does a spectacularly professional cover for it. But for now, I don't think this is half bad. Complete with an INDIE READER APPROVED sticker right on the front. 

Sure, it's not too different from the original two, but it's a nice mesh of the them in my opinion. 

Grab yourself a copy with the new shiny cover today!

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