Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Flood of Inspiration

 I think it was either Mel Brooks or Carl Reiner who I heard recount a story about how Sid Caeser used to stand under a shower and metaphorically wash away the stress of life. He said as much himself, so that takes away a little of the suspense of whom it was I heard that from. 

I do the same, except I like to sit in my shower to wind down and gain inspiration for stories. It works every time. 

I invariably do it with less screaming than the above person. Okay, if I were honest, I’d say with only about 10% less screaming. 

What does everyone else do for inspiration?

1 comment:

  1. Mine comes from conversations with people or from not doing what I want to do. I'll imagine someone doing what I want and the outcome of it. I try not to read a lot when I write the same I attempt to not look at comic books when drawing. You can take any day from your life when you didn't do what you wanted or even not do what you did and it can be a story.