Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!! My book is now L I V E!


I hope everyone had a nice, safe and fun celebration before you have to return to the reality that is your lives, lives that I hope are, at the very least, decent.

I have seen a couple of memes on social networks recently that state, in one way or or another, (paraphrasing here) "Today is the first page of a 365 page book, so write a good one." Many of these were attributed to Brad Paisley. Whether or not it was he who actually said it, who knows. But it sounds corny enough to have been said by a country music star, so I'll buy it for now.

Usually, I don't go in for pseudo-optimism or anything that remotely resembles it, but this one, I quite like. Besides, it bares only a tiny passing resemblance, minuscule.

And, if this year is indeed the beginning of my book, then I shall start the first page... with an actual book.

My short story is now live and available for digital download at Amazon and Smashwords.com, and soon on many other platforms.

The death of DEATH is about a death guide in search of answers to questions she has about the details of her own demise. At first glance, it may seem macabre, but it's actually slightly funny and slightly sweet, and I wrote it in a whimsical tone. At least that was my intention, and I hope it's apparent in the writing.

Buy yourself a copy. It's perfect for young teenagers, especially those with interest in gothic tales.

                             SMASHWORDS EDITION

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