Monday, December 7, 2015

Inkshares: Crowdfunding for the Book World

I've just joined Inkshares. It's a crowdfunding site just like Kickstarter, although it's exclusively for book publishing. The way it works is once you enter the site you write a 20 word, or less, pitch for a book you've either written or plan to write. You can also post chapters of what you've written if you'd like. Members of the site or people visiting it can then read your pitch, and, if they decide they like it, can then pre-order your book. If you reach the 250 ore-order number that Inkshares set they will publish, market and distribute the book for you. You make 50% of the grosses for the printed version of your book, and 70% of the ebook sales. Similar to Kickstarter, if your book doesn't get funded the investors get their pledged money back, so it's very low risk for everyone involved. 

Twenty words for a pitch is restricting, but I've struggled with pitching and/or describing my books in short form for a while now, clumsily stumbling over words and sentences to try to describe my stories worlds only to end up losing the listener's attention shortly after I've started. It's frustrating, but at least this has given me a starting point, and hopefully I can polish my pitch from here on. I found a loophole for the 20 word pitch, though––if you write it on smart phone you can fit more words into its description. I did it for Autonomously, but I let it be for Bravadia. 

I'm using this site for the motivation to finish a children's adventure book I started a while back. I've finally given it a tentative title: The Bravadia Chronicles. I say tentative, but that title is starting to grow on me. I've also put my already-published-through-Amazon book, Autonomously Yours, on it for consideration and a little more exposure. It's a nifty site and an extra tool for self-publishers. I hope something good comes of this. 

I will share the pitches for each story below. 

The Bravadia Chronicles:
Young Tim and Kiana meet the mysterious girl Fawna and travel to the wondrous world of Bravadia where peril awaits.

Autonomously Yours - The Life of a Compandroid:
A robotics engineer. His creation: a compandroid, the world's first human-like female android. He and his robot assistant monitors her through her own eyes as she's "tested" by three men with dubious intentions.

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