Thursday, January 22, 2015

My second story, Autonomously Yours, is now on sale!

Good morning, afternoon and evening, depending on where you are in the world. And, it’s a little late, but also, Happy New Year to everyone!

It’s a new year and therefore, it’s time for a new book. I am happy to be releasing my second work, a novella called, Autonomously Yours: The Life of a Compandroid. It’s my first time writing––and completing––anything that’s longer than a short story or a slightly longer short story, so I'm pretty proud of this thing. I’ve no idea of the quality of the story or the writing; that is up to anyone reading it to decide, of course. But I will say that I've had loads of fun creating the characters and the situations and the relationships that make it up, and at the very least I hope that is properly conveyed in some small way.

Give the description a read and if it suits your sensibilities and fancies your flight, please consider giving it a go. It's available as a digital download or in paperback. Thank you. 

"From the author of The Death of Death comes a more mature, technological tale. 

In the future, robots are part of our daily lives. They serve and protect us, they watch our families and keep them safe, they treat us when we're hurt, and they take our orders when we're hungry. There is, though, one untapped market…

Meet Sally. A fully-functioning-female-human-imitation-android, created as a companion for the lonely men of the world, the first of its kind. But, there are problems for her creator.

Robotics engineer Dr. Harold Okamura is finally given an opportunity by Mr. Jerrald Axell, the CEO of a company with dubious intentions, to realize a lifelong ambition: to create a robot that is indistinguishable from a human being. The problem is doing so breaks the first law of modern robotics, an offense punishable by imprisonment. Good thing for Harold, then, Mr. Axell is powerful enough to skirt such laws. But that’s not the only problem on the horizon. In fact, it’s the least of Dr. Okamura’s troubles. 

Before Sally can be brought to market, she has to go through a trial period. Dr. Okamura and his faithful android servant, Cran, monitor Sally as she is tested by three clients––all men of very questionable motives.

Autonomously Yours is a story of relationships, emotions and tragedy, as told, literally, through the eyes of the world’s first Compandroid."


Amazon Kindle Link: Autonomously Yours
Amazon Paperback Link: Autonomously Yours

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