Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Death of Death - My Novella

Hurrah! After many weeks (precisely two and a half) and a couple of title revisions later, my novella, The Death of Death, has finally made premium status, which means that it made it into their premium catalog, which in turn means that it will now be distributed onto many more ebook retailer's sites such as Barnes & Nobles Nook book store and (provided it passes their own special requirements) Apple's iBookstore.

My sales on Amazon have been... well, lackluster to say the least, but hopefully in the coming weeks they will pick-up, thanks to it's inclusion on more sites (and due to me finally figuring out how to use the tags properly on Amazon).

I've also just utilized a free promotional site called Ask David. They apparently provide marketing for your book at absolutely no cost, so there's no risk in trying them out. If you have a book to promote I urge you to give it a try. What's to lose? It's free and it's very kind of them. All they ask is for you to "like" them on Facebook or similar actions on other similar social networking sites . That's about the extent of their requests from you.

I've also recently acquired a couple of pretty good reviews for my story on Amazon:

"I found this story to be a refreshing change in its uniqueness. Very well thought-out. 

In fact, the story has an essence of Tim Burton-esque, in the terms of creating beauty from tragedy, that sets the tone from the onset and is one of my favorite aspects. The whimsy and tragedy combined were carefully written with a beautiful plot that succeeds in building a sort of suspense throughout the story. The characters were well written, thoughtful and eccentric, in a successful attempt to draw me into the characters emotion!

This is one of the writer's first efforts and, all in all, is an admirable effort and was well worth the read. I would highly recommend this being adapted into a short film and would be the first in line to view it!"

"Very touching story about a topic that most of us don't like to think about. The imagery was beautiful. It was if I was "reading" a movie, if that makes sense. This story is highly recommended!"

"Tim Burton-esque" and "Whimsy" were definitely a couple of things that I was going for when I was writing this so I am very happy that someone felt that when reading it. 

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